Alessandro Volpin is a freelance photographer of skateboarding and more, living and working in Tallinn.

Continuous travels around Europe since 1994 inspired him to experiment with a camera that later grew into passion as a natural extension of his curiosity towards the world. His studies at the Istituto d’Arte in Padova, Italy,  never gave him a chance to take a photo during the school program, however the streets of his hometown and his father’s old Voigtlander (bought in Nigeria in 1970s) turned out to be the best teachers.

It took several years, travels and loaned cameras from his friends skaters-photographers Felice De Sena and Nicola Favaro, till on 2002, Alessandro got chance to acquire his first ever complete camera set with all necessary lenses and a motor for sequences - Nikon F3 from a photographer in Marghera (Venice), Diego Landi.

The same year included his longest trip so far: from Padua through Berlin by bus to Tallinn, Estonia, where he is based also today, waiting for the rare but stunning Nordic light for most of the year.
His passion as skateboarder-photographer takes him to travels, following skateboarders and artists on a deck with four wheels around the old continent.

Since 1999/2000 Alessandro has been publishing in the following magazines in Italy and around Europe: Space Cake magazine (Treviso), STYLE mag (Berlin), Brett magazine (Berlin), 6AM skateboard culture magazine (Milano), Orange Vallley Ent. (Roma), Skateboard magazine (Milano), BACO magazine (Torino), Surf News (Ravenna), Kingpin skateboarding europa (London), Beach Brother magazine (Biarritz), Lucha Libre (Padova), Sahtel magazine (Tallinn),  Teater.muusika.kino magazine (Tallinn), SIRP (Tallinn), Hang Up skateboard magazine (Helsinki), Freeze magazine (Belgium).
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